This is a collection of some of my recent art. There are two kinds: GIMP Aart, and Sketches. Sketches is somewhat self-explanatory, but GIMP is a program to digitally edit pictures. There, no more confusion. Have fun.

Dynamic gallery

this is a php program I made to cycle through images
Gimp Aart


Normal gallery

Gimp Aart

These pictures are photographs/ sketches that I modified with Gimp 2.4 (an image editing program). The proccess of editing these pictures is reffered to as "Gimping out". This page's banner(along with all my other page banners) is also made with Gimp.

Infectious light, Gimped out April 10,2009.

Infectious eye, Gimped out April 10,2009.

Sword in the skull, Gimped out April 10, 2009.

Don't feed the bears, Gimped out April 9,2009.

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